Our History


Central Florida’s Leading Poker & Recreational Facility

Oxford Downs first opened its doors in May of 2016, marking the beginning of its journey to becoming Central Florida’s leading poker and recreational facility. The vision was clear: to create a premier destination that catered not only to poker enthusiasts but also to those seeking a top-notch leisure experience. The establishment quickly gained recognition for its commitment to high-quality gaming and entertainment services, setting a new standard for recreational spaces in the region.

The expansion of Oxford Downs continued with the opening of the Tiki Bar on St. Patrick’s Day in 2017, adding a tropical flair to the venue. This outdoor bar quickly became a favorite spot for guests to unwind, offering a unique blend of relaxation and social engagement. Its island-inspired atmosphere provided a perfect escape for patrons looking to enjoy the Florida weather with a refreshing drink in hand and good company by their side.

Earlier this year, the Tiki Bar underwent a significant transformation. The extensive renovation included a complete overhaul of the bar, new flooring, additional Tiki roofing, and more, all designed to enhance the guest experience. These improvements were part of the preparations for the much anticipated pickleball courts, demonstrating Oxford Downs’ dedication to evolving and expanding its entertainment offerings. The Tiki Bar’s grand reopening in July of 2023 was met with excitement and enthusiasm from both regular patrons and newcomers eager to check out the updated space.

Oxford Downs has a history of significant events, including hosting a massive concert featuring Colt Ford in 2021, attracting thousands of attendees. While Oxford Downs values the privacy of its patrons, it’s no secret that it has become a go-to place for celebrities and locals alike, all drawn to its vibrant atmosphere and exceptional facilities.

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