Crazy 4 Poker


Crazy 4 Poker

Is played on a table just like the one in the picture below. There is a maximum of 6 player’s including the Player Banker, there is a minimum of 2 players to start the game, one of whom is a Player Banker.

Establishing Limits on Bets & Aggregate Payouts.

Casino management may choose to adhere to the following:

  1. Define and post separate minimum and maximum wagering limits for both the base game and side bet (if applicable).
  2. Define and post (for side bet wagers only) an aggregate limit for payouts (maximum allowed total payout to winning players wagering on the side bet, during a single round of play). Posting an aggregate limit protects your establishment from excessive liability in any one round of play, while allowing the player a wider range of betting options, subject to posted aggregate limits.

Basics of Crazy 4 Poker

Crazy 4 Poker® is an easy game to master. It offers play against the Player Banker and an optional Queens Up side bet.

How to Play

You receive five cards to make your best four-card poker hand. A four-card is a straight, a fourcard flush is a flush, etc.

Player VS. Player Banker

Make equal bets on the ante and Super Bonus spots. After seeing your cards, you can fold or stay in the game by making the play wager. The play wager must match your ante unless you have a pair of aces or better. If you have at least a pair of aces, you may bet one, two or three times your ante. The Player Banker qualifies with a king-high or better. When you beat the Player Banker’s qualifying hand, your ante and play bets win even money. When the Player Banker qualifies and beats your hand, your ante and play bets lose. When the Player Banker does not qualify, your play bet wins and your ante bet pushes. Super Bonus and Queens Up wagers are resolved normally.

Super Bonus

The Super Bonus wins if you have a straight or better.

Queens Up

The Queens Up bonus bet wins when you receive a pair of queens or better. See layout for odds.

Rules and Dealing Procedures

Dealing procedures vary by jurisdiction. Please refer to the appropriate gaming agency for regulations specific to your jurisdiction. It is recommended that Crazy 4 Poker be dealt with an automatic card shuffler, such as SHFL entertainment’s i-Deal®. If using an i-Deal, select one of the following modes: Crazy 4 Poker, Bahama Bonus or Caribbean Stud. All are programmed to dispense the appropriate number of cards.

  1. Each player makes a wager as indicated below, according to posted table limits:
    • Mandatory wagers—ANTE and SUPER BONUS in equal amounts.
    • Optional wager—the QUEENS UP side bet.
    • Players may make these bets in any amounts within table limits. Players may bet more on the QUEENS UP side bet than on the mandatory wagers.
  2. Each player and the Player Banker receive five cards face down. Cards are delivered to the player from the dealer’s left to right in rotation. After all players have cards, the dealer should give the Player Banker five cards face down as well.
    • If using an i-Deal shuffler: Deal one hand face-down to each player and one hand face-down to the Player Banker.
    • Hit the green button on the shuffler to dispense the remaining cards. This will also initiate shuffling the deck for the next round of play.
  3. After examining their cards, players have the option to either make a PLAY wager or forfeit their ANTE and SUPER BONUS wagers by folding. If players make the PLAY wager it must be equal to the ANTE unless the player has at least a pair of Aces. If the player has a pair of Aces or better, he can bet up to three times his ANTE.
  4. The dealer should immediately collect the bets and cards of folding players.
  5. When all players have either folded or made PLAY wagers, the dealer will turn over his five cards and make his best four-card hand. The dealer will arrange his four-card hand in accordance with house rules.
  6. The dealer will then reconcile the hands of those players who have not folded.
  7. Must play one hand at a time.
    • When the dealer does not qualify (with King-high or better):
      • Starting with the player farthest away from the Player Banker , bring the player’s hand into the “work area” between the dealer’s hand and the QUEENS UP wager and reveal the player’s cards.
      • Pay all PLAY bets even money and push all ANTE bets. Resolve QUEENS UP and SUPER BONUS bets as usual.
      • Handle the bets in this order: PLAY, ANTE, QUEENS UP and SUPER BONUS (Back to Front)
    • When the Player Banker qualifies (with King-high or better):
      • Starting with the player farthest away from the Player Banker’s right, bring the player’s hand into the “work area” between the dealer’s hand and the QUEENS UP wager and reveal the player’s cards.
      • If the player’s hand is higher than the dealer’s, the PLAY and ANTE bets are paid even money. Reconcile the QUEENS UP and SUPER BONUS as normal.

Irregularities in Dealing Procedures

  1. Incorrect number of cards in player’s/dealer’s hand.
    • If any player or the dealer is dealt an incorrect number of cards, all hands are void and the cards reshuffled
  2. Card shuffler malfunction.
    • Refer to the trouble shooting guide on the back of the shuffler, or;
    • If the shuffler has continually malfunctioned, replace it as follows:
      • Turn off the shuffler.
      • Unplug the power cord.
      • Replace the shuffler with the backup shuffler.
      • Plug in the power cord.
      • Turn the shuffler on.
      • Hand Shuffle.
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